Success Factors and its Causes

Nowadays, E -commerce is very common type of business in the online transaction. In this new generation, people prefer to shop online because they would like to buy whatever they want and also can search whatever they wish around the world. It is very convince to consumer to shop everything. For example, is a successful e-commerce and it is well known throughout the world. What is the factor tend to Amazon be a successful e commerce?

A list of top ten companies of the decade it would not be completed without The company is considered one of the top in the e commerce industry and has managed to continue success.

There are the four categories tend to be a global acceptance and successful in e commerce. The four factors are, unique shopping experience, offering competitive prices, straightforward wed design and friendly interface, lastly Amazon has a convince payment system.

Unique shopping experience: Provide service for customers enable them to buy and to return. Sales promotion occurs in as well, which involve coupons, special offers and discount. Some books has provided the signature of author rather than buy books from other companies.

Competitive Price: Amazon is very differently to the other companies, because they offer the prices of a product from different companies to let buyer be able compares. Besides that, any fees for product listing and its cost will be paid by sellers until the products are sold.

Web page design and friendly interface: We can provide personal attention, to personalized web sites, give comments, purchase suggestion and personalized special offers. Just like running a self business.

Convenience payment system: For every e-commerce company, the most convenience issue of success is payment. We can pay for the shopping by credit card, otherwise it will take times for other payment method.

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I support, Amazon really helps a lot when we trying to find a thing that couldn't find through shops or friends, thanks Amazon!

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