Review on Real-World Case: Google is changing everything

Today, I read the article in Turban’s textbook which titled: Google is changing everything. Google had become one of the company that brings a lot of impacts to users compared to others which implementing e-Commerce (EC) capability. This may be due to its efficient IT and EC management strategy.

I found out there is a lot of benefits that took place by implementing E commerce and all of the examples can be proved by how Google innovating their activities that help public to solve their problems. First of all, Google helps Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to compete with large enterprises by providing them suitable and specific business model. It helps to organize users’ information and publish via the web so that anyone can access it easily.

In addition, EC is providing ubiquity to users because they can shop anytime from anywhere. For example, is a website which allows users to compare the price and item with other companies. This save customer times to compare from one shopping centre to another shopping center and have more choices from varieties of products, services, vendors and styles. Users can get more information from EC than the physical stores because it helps to find what your need easily, tells you more details about the products tat you choose, demos and etc.

In the article, it tells me about Enterprise Search is a tool that helps identify and enable organization to share information with authorized users. This can improve the organization performance by offering the other applicants i.e. suppliers to access the enterprise information such as reports and business events.

An example of enterprise that succeeds by using this tool in this article is Kaiser Permanente They need to make sure there is updating knowledge is available for its doctors, nurses and other caregivers. EC can be global reach and publish updated information that help users make the best decision such as do research on diagnoses and specify treatments. More over, EC can reduce pollution and traffic jam by enabling telecommunicating and facilitate work at home. Means, there is more education, health information and etc that is available for more people even though they are at home or live at rural area.

As a conclusion, invention of e Commerce capabilities had brings huge changes in the global and it makes Google had change everything in order to compete with other competitors. What had they done is proven that, they are successful and brings usefulness to the public; therefore, they are expanding their business and gaining revenue by matching global needs.

Sources : A review on Real-World Case: Google is changing everything, from the textbook Chapter1 pg.38.

Turban, E., King, D., McKay, J., Marshall, P., Lee, J., & Viehland, (2008). Electronic Commerce: A managerial Perspective 2008. (International Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Education International.


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