---About Bu--

I am Kok Joanne, was born at 29th October 1988 in Kuala Lumpur. Currently, I am pursuing my Accounting course at University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sungai Long. This is a "good" location that provided a peaceful life, especially students. This is because, here is lack of entertainment and we need to take around 2hours by U41 Rapid KL to KL.

My classmates used to call me as "Kwok Jun Onn ( Ah Wong). Recently, i called myself as Fatso Bu. I love to laugh, most of the times my friends said my laugh is horrible! During the free time, i like to watch drama, play games and talk craps with friends. I also hanging out with my buddy once a month, normally we will meet up at Oldtown Kopitiam or any birthday parties that held at other places.

Besides that, i like to visit www.facebook.com. Here, I want to thank Li Jie and Sherling because they forced and helped me to sign up. And guess what? I am addicted to "Spot the Difference" and "Puzzle Spot". I wanted to break my friends' high score, especially Ah Phang and Li Jie. But, I failed!

The other websites that i visited are www.hotmail.com (check mail), www.sinchew.com (e-news), www.youtube.com and www.maggiemarket.com.hk.

My next plan is to watch Hannah Montanna (The Movie)!! Please~~~~~~



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