Phishing : Examples and its Prevention Methods

Hello reader, let me explain

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a form of criminal activity using the engineering technique, in computer world means hacking information or data such as username, password, etc. Criminal will attempts to design a fake website by carried out the email address and instant messaging. Usually, those fake website looks similar to the original website. Most of the people will lack of awareness about the fake website.

The graph above shows that, phishing is increasing from year 2002 to 2008. There have a dramatically increase from year 2007 to 2008.

Example of Phishing..


This is the first example of email phishing

This email contain a official ebay logo on top of it. However, the link is actually not to the original ebay official website. As they make it look real and attempt to steal username and password.

This is the second example

This spam mail does not carries any name nor ebay login name, it is to uncover the password. In order to avoid this, it is recommend to open a fresh browser window instead of clicking on the link.

There are a lot of example for phishing Let to continue to another website which is citi bank.

How to Prevent Phishing Scam?

1) Do not reply e-mails that request for personal information.
Seeing a picture of a locked padlock in the lower right-hand corner of the BROWSER WINDOW, not the page itself.

2) Do not click on the link in suspicious e-mail.
Seeing an https:// appear in the URL instead of http://

3) Use strong or different password for all accounts and change them frequently.
Do not use birthday, id no or any code that relevant to be your password.

4) Do not send any username or password through ordinary e-mail.

5) Access to business with reliable and trustful companies.
Aware with e-commerce, as sometimes we can only communicate through online.

6) Keep computer and antivirus updated to protect personal information.
Keep antivirus and computer updated will help a lot to prevent information leak especially for those who are not professional managing it.

7) Only use one credit card to shop online for easy tracking when anything happened.
When something happened, bank and holder can track and react easily, to halt transfer and disable the card.

8) Use credit card instead of debit card to shop online to prevent leak of large amount of money.


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