My name is Tai Li Jie. I'm 21 years old this year. I'm from Taiping but currently staying in Subang since 13 years old. I have three siblings and i'm the youngest. My secondary school is SMK Subang Utama. Ihave studied in UTAR for 3 years and 1 more year to go.

In my free times, I will watvh TV or drama on my computer. My hobbies are swimming and play badminton. Besides that I also like travelling but don't have money.

When I go online, normally I will go to to check my mail and to forward some of it. I will also go to to play restaurant city and browse through the hompage. Beside that, the website that i often visit is I will got here and read the news instead of reading the hardcopy of the newspaper. It is easy and fast beacuse I can read the latest news now instead of tomorrow's newspaper. I will also go to to see whether there is any updated information about my friends. The other website is which i will go there to search for information that I want to know and especially to search for information for my assignment.


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