A Short Note About SherLing

Hello,a good day to you =) I am SherLing and I am the youngest in my family.

I am from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Bukit Mertajam is a small town located at Butterworth. (My friends has just corrected me. She said that Bukit Mertajam is located at Penang.) Ever heard it? Perhaps next time you can pay me a visit and I will tour you around where to have nice foods that you may not try before and some must go places. Be prepared that we might get lost =p

My nickname is "Mushroom Head"when I was in my secondary school. this is because since I was small, my hair was short and it looked like a mushroom. This nickname kind of haunted me for more than five years which I swear that I would never cut my hair that short anymore.

In my free time, i love to surf net and try to relax myself away from those stressful studies. Staying at home all the time is boring and therefore I also enjoy hanging out with my besties. Capturing pictures is a MUST to keep the happy moments. Pictures can tell everything! Shopping is my all time favourite as I can shop whole day!

The followings are five top sites that I visit the most:
www.facebook.com This is the most popular social network so far. I upload pictures and update my friends' current life through Facebook.
www.dygod.com This is the site where I download all the movies and dramas.
www.blogger.com I blog my everyday's life and read my friends' blogs too.
http://bambeedear.blogspot.com This is one of the online boutique I will stop by.
www.seekasong.com & http://mp3.qihoo.com is where I download the latest songs.

Basically this is about SherLing and hope you enjoy reading it.
Thank you for your time and have a good day.^^


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