Mobile Payment System in Malaysia: Its potential and customers' adoption strategies

Mobile payment (m-payment) system is an alternative payment method. M-payment is the collection of money from a consumer via mobile dive such as mobile phone, Smartphone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or other devices. It is a new and rapidly adopting strategy for consumer make payment. It is broadly wide use in Asia and Europe especially in Filipina, because consumers can easily use a mobile phone to pay any fee instead of paying with cash, check or credit card.

In year 2001, this technology finally reached and launched in Malaysia. The success of this technology is hugely based on the number of mobile devices users. As mobile device is popular, m-payment system released to meet the tidal current. The use of m-payment not only convenient to those who live in city, on the other hand it has more impact to people live in rural places compare to city, because rural places is difficult to make any payment or shop, m-payment will fit perfectly in this situation. For an example, Citibank mobile payment allowed customers to use their mobile payment to pay bills by deducting the amount from their credit card.

As m-payment system released, a lot of companies have released shopping through mobile services such as ticket purchases, digital goods and will increase through time. We can even use m-payment to pay bills, such as water and electric bills as well. We could easily done those thing by using a single mobile device, instead of queuing and spend a lot of time. It is a potential system and it will develop successfully with no doubts. Maxis, Maybank and Nokia have teamed with Visa to offer Visa payWave on mobile payment.

In order to make use of this system widely, lot more services must be provided. So users got the opportunity to use this system more frequently, for example shop for fashion with m-payment. Benefit offer when using this system will help a lot too, like telecommunication company offer gifts to those who call or received call with mobile device by giving free sms or call time. Most importantly, this system will need to provide good security, in order to built up users confidents, simplified the processes and lower the charging cost when using the system.


Tan Cheng Ling said...

Malaysia got such service, but it seems like not everyone use it... Perhaps we need more last long battery if wish to use this service frequently, plus the issue of handphone stolen or losted... Hope everyone can enjoy this service with their life~

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