A discussion on E-learning offered in Malaysian Universities: Pros and Cons from the students perspective

E-learning is where technology is used to support the learning process. It involves the use the use of digital technology such as computer to provide education or leaning material. Students access the learning materials through Learning Management System (LMS). They can access it any time and anywhere as long as they have a computer and internet access. Examples of e-learning universities include Multimedia University (MMU), University Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).


Time flexibility- students can access the learning material at any time they want and they can study at their own pace. The learning sessions are available 24/7.

Cost savings- students need not travel to college/university, they can just study at home. This can help them to save their travelling cost and time.

Effectiveness and efficiency in communication- students can share and manage knowledge and skills among each individual. This enables active participation. Students’ interactions will become much easier than face-to-face communication.


Technological- students need necessary hardware such as desktop or laptop and printer and they need to be familiar with those hardware.

Design of the system- poor design of the system causes users to feel frustrated and they might stop learning. The design should be easy for students to use.

Connecivity- if the bandwidth is low, downloading the content will be slow because the content requires a rich combination of multimedia components. This can affect students’ patience.







Tan Cheng Ling said...

I do support e-learning, sometimes the timetable arrangement is just not suitable for our needs, make our daily routine ruin! UTAR, I'll be waiting for the e-learning process~

Anonymous said...

I disagree the e-learning. This is because the student might not get the chance to experience the learning from face to face with the teacher.

Anonymous said...

I do not support e learning as the student might not be able to get the chance of learning experience via face to face interaction.

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